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Category: Liquid Lense Courses

7, Aug, 2011

For the coming season, we have updated our 2 day MovieMaker PLUS underwater videography course.

The MovieMaker PLUS Course is a step up from the MovieMaker Course, going more in depth into different filming styles and post production techniques. Its designed for divers thinking about taking up underwater videography as a hobby and will provide you with an excellent introduction to this field, as well as giving you some nice footage to start you on your way.



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23, May, 2010

A collection of the latest underwater images from Liquid Lense taken from Ko Lanta’s reefs. Stay up to date on what diving conditions are like right now. Photos are usually updated daily and are from today or yesterday’s dives.

Please visit the Liquid Lense Flickr photostream to view more of our underwater images.

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23, Aug, 2009

Liquid Lense has recently received a glowing endorsement in the new edition of the Lonely Planet for Thailand.

An excerpt includes: “This digital-imaging academy runs a slew of hands-on courses from one-day, two-dive seminars (7100B) to six-day, nine-dive videography tutorials (32,900B). The Tips & Tricks course (2700B) is a popular option for those who already have a bit of photo experience.”



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