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18, Jun, 2011

Black Backgrounds Gallery

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Black Backgrounds Gallery: A collection of underwater images with black backgrounds, captured during dives at the top dive sites around Ko Lanta.

Underwater images with a black background are almost always eye-catching as the subject appears highlighted and isolated – seeming to ‘pop out’ at you.

Black background images are a very effective way to draw the viewer right into the main subject of your image. If your subject is colourful, a black background will really help to make the colours stand out.

A black background shot requires a fast shutter speed, small aperture and a well-angled external strobe to pick-out and light your subject. You’ll need to position yourself or your subject so there is nothing except clear water behind them. Paying good attention to your composition is crucial and positioning your subject well within the negative black space is worth experimenting with to capture a really striking image.

Consult the Tips and Tricks section for useful digital underwater photography techniques to help you get the most out of your underwater camera system.

All black background images featured in this gallery are taken by professional Liquid Lense Underwater Digital Imaging Specialists at the dive sites around Ko Lanta, Thailand. Click on any image below to enlarge and click through.




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