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26, Oct, 2011

Dive Thailand - Dive Sites Unaffected by FloodingAre you concerned about your dive trip to Ko Lanta following news reports about recent flooding in Thailand? Ko Lanta weather conditions remain calm, sunny and beautiful and the diving is fantastic at the moment.

As many of you may have seen in the domestic and international news, Thailand has been affected over the past few weeks by extreme flooding and weather. The severity of this situation is very unusual and is the worst that Bangkok and surrounding areas have experienced in decades.

There have been some dramatic scenes in many areas of the country, with provinces effected including those to the North, Bangkok, and the lower central plains. Obviously our thoughts go out to all those effected.

Ko Lanta is fortunately unaffected throughout this time. In fact the monsoon winds have changed quite early this year and we are experiencing beautiful, high season conditions. The Scubafish dive boats are running daily dive trips and the diving conditions are fantastic!

Sunshine and Blue Skies on Kantiang Beach

The weather on Lanta has been hot, sunny and clear for the last 2 weeks and is beautiful once more. The dive boats on the island are operating as normal again already, and we are happy to report our boats are departing and returning from Kantiang Bay already.

Whale Shark and Manta Ray spotted together at Hin Muang

Diving conditions are highly favourable with flat and calm seas. Just this last week a whaleshark and manta ray were spotted together at Hin Muang. Glasssfish and the predating trevallies abound at the beautiful dive sites at Ko Haa, and even the ornate ghost pipefish and frogfish are making an early return to the lagoon area at Ko Haa.

Ko Lanta - Diving Conditions are Beautiful

We are also happy to report that guests and visitors coming to or from Lanta to Krabi have had no problems with their transfers or journeys.

Should you have any concerns which are not addressed here, please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with, “up-to-the-minute, on-the-ground” reports from Scubafish.

Ko Lanta - Open for Diving - Khul's Stingray



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