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4, Mar, 2014

Laanta Lanta Festival 2014

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The 11th LAANTA LANTA FESTIVAL, takes place 7th, 8th & 9th March 2014.

This festival is held every year in March, in Lanta Old Town, Ko Lanta Island. The festival is a wonderful celebration of harmony and a chance for locals and visitors to enjoy the unique culture, which still exists on this beautiful, unspoilt island.

In a world where culture and religious differences often divide communities and countries, Ko Lanta provides the proof that people of diverse and varied ethnic groups can live together in peace and harmony and, have been doing so for hundreds of years. Lanta Old Town has a history dating back 500 years. Ancient Chinese style houses can still be seen there.

At the beginning of the festival, the Sea Gypsy’s perform a traditional boat floating ceremony, to cast bad spirits out to sea and make for a safe and happy event. The festival features traditional culture, previously unseen ceremonial demonstrations, music and dance performances, folk games, water sport competitions and traditional arts and crafts. You can enjoy a delicious variety of food, which are provided by the local people and by the hotels on the island. Performances of ‘Rong-Ngeng’ (the traditional music and dance of the ancient Sea Gypsies of the south,) can be enjoyed on the main stage, as well as acts by groups from all over Thailand. A second stage features contemporary jazz and reggae performances nightly, in a relaxed party atmosphere.

The festival starts in the early evening and runs late into the night throughout the three day event.

An experience not to be missed. . . . be sure to be there, if not this year, then the next! We at Scubafish will be out in force!

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