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18, Jun, 2011

Macro Gallery

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Our Macro Gallery: A collection of underwater Macro images taken from the dive sites around Ko Lanta.

Underwater Macro Photography gives you the perfect chance to get up close and personal with your subjects.

Macro Photography is less dependent on dive conditions than other types of underwater photography and can be a great choice if conditions are less than perfect. This will keep your personal Macro Gallery unaffected.

Bad visibility rarely effects close up photos and lack of light is not a problem as your flash or strobe will provide plenty of light on a subject that’s positioned close to the camera’s lens.


What Details will I be focusing on when creating my Macro Gallery?

Macro shots are perfect choice of image for focusing on the intricate details, textures and patterns of your subjects. It gives you a chance to capture images of things that your eye can struggle to see. For example, the intricate textures on the stem of a tree soft coral or the exquisite eyes of a Cuttlefish.

Take a look at our Macro Magic article for macro photography tips and techniques and get inspired to ‘go macro’ on your next underwater photo-shoot.

Consult the Tips and Tricks section for more useful digital underwater photography techniques to help you get the most out of your underwater camera system and learn about other types of underwater shots.

All images are taken by professional Liquid Lense Underwater Digital Imaging Specialists at the dive sites around Ko Lanta, Thailand. Click on any image below to start a slideshow.




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