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1, Jul, 2011

Our Reefscapes Gallery: A collection of Underwater Reefscapes. All reefscape images featured in this gallery have been captured at the dive sites around Ko Lanta.

Successful reefscape photography requires really clear visibility to capture large areas of the underwater landscape without particles in the water causing backscatter or hazy images.

Capturing reefscape images is a great way to show non-divers the kind of images that divers most often see in their mind’s eye if they imagine first descending on a dive into beautiful clear waters.

The best reefscape images are often shot in shallow water, using natural light and manual white-balance. It is nice to include a diver or two to give a better sense of perspective.


Where can I view some amazing Reefscapes?

ReefscapesKo Haa provides consistently good visibility, pretty much, all year round and many of our best Reefscapes are capturered at Ko Haa – particularly in The Lagoon.

Wide-Angle images are the perfect shot-type choice for including the widest angle of view you can, on a sweeping Reefscape. It’sa chance to show of the expanse and size of the larger coral heads on any reef.

Take a look at our Wide-Angle Classics article for wide-angle photography tips and techniques and get inspired to ‘go wide’ on your next underwater photo-shoot.

Consult the Tips and Tricks section for more useful digital underwater photography techniques to help you get the most out of your underwater camera system and learn about other types of underwater shots.

All images are taken by professional Liquid Lense Underwater Digital Imaging Specialists at the dive sites around Ko Lanta, Thailand. Click on any image below to start a slideshow.




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