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28, Sep, 2010

Our Silhouettes Gallery:

Silhouettes Gallery

In our Silhouettes Gallery, you will find a collection of underwater silhouette images taken from the dive sites around Ko Lanta.

A classic silhouette shot features a dark or black foreground subject with the sun positioned directly behind it in the frame, giving a ‘backlit’ effect. In our silhouettes gallery, you can find many examples of these types of shots and varying degrees of foreground and background exposures. The most effective technical silhouette shot involves exposing the camera for a background which is far brighter than the foreground. By exposing for the background ‘properly’, the foreground is underexposed, leaving foreground subjects dark or blackened and showing little or no detail.

Silhouettes are a simple, yet effective, shot type, and work particularly well with strong, emotive subject shapes. They allow you to set a tone for your image. From ominous to beautiful to fun, Silhouette shots can help you achieve virtually every feeling you could want in your very own Silhouettes Gallery. So have fun with them!

For tips and tricks on how to take your own underwater silhouette shots, take a look at the Capturing perfect underwater silhouette shots article.




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