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17, Jun, 2011

Sunbursts Gallery

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Our Sunbursts Gallery: A collection of underwater sunburst images taken from the dive sites around Ko Lanta.

A classic sunburst shot features the sun as one of the main subjects in the photo. The sun can be positioned anywhere in the frame, or even partially out of the frame.

Sunburst shots work really well when you position a colourful subject in the foreground, but you’ll need to use a fairly powerful external strobe to counteract the intense light from the sun. If you don’t use a strobe you can still obtain a striking image, but your foreground subject will be silhouetted.

Sunbursts shots yield some of the most beautiful and breathtaking underwater images, however they are one of the most difficult shot types to master. Our Liquid Lens Specialists can help you on your way to creating a Sunbursts Gallery you can show off to friends and family. A Beautiful and technical gallery you can truly be proud of. Creating stunning silhouette images or images with great depth and lighting contrast is the goal of Liquid Lens and we hope to pass that information along to you.

All images are taken by professional Liquid Lense Underwater Digital Imaging Specialists at the dive sites around Ko Lanta, Thailand. Create your very own Sunbursts Gallery with us or click on any image below to start a slideshow.




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