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19, Jun, 2010

Underwater Video at Hin Muang

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Liquid Lense’s Underwater Video at Hin Muang:

Underwater Video of Dive Site Hin Muang
Underwater Video at Hin Muang – Video Dive Site Guide to Hin Muang with Scubafish.

World-famous dive site Hin Muang, lies just a few hundred metres to the west of Hin Daeng out in the Andaman Sea. This sea mount is entirely underwater with the reef starting at about 12 metres and plummeting down to a dizzying 70 metres.

Hin Muang owes its name, meaning purple rock, to the numerous purple soft corals covering the shallower parts of the reef. A constant battle is waged here between the smaller residents of the reef and pelagic hunters such as Mackeral, Trevally, Rainbow Runners & Tuna who lurk around the reef waiting to pounce on their next meal.

This is also the best site in the area for spotting Manta Rays and Whalesharks which frequently grace these undersea mounts.

Underwater Video at Hin Muang

Footage courtesy of Liquid Lense & Scubafish.

Hin Muang or ‘Purple Rock’ – is known as the Lanta Manta Cleaning Station and Whale Shark Navigation Point. Located 70km south of Ko Lanta, it boasts good visibility, unless the waters become extremely plankton-rich. It is this plankton that attracts the larger marine-life and there is a high chance of seeing Manta Rays and passing Whalesharks throughout the season.

Hin Muang is completely submerged and derives its name from the vast number of purple corals covering the pinnacle.

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