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1, Mar, 2010

Underwater Video Guide to Ko Haa Cavern

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Ko Haa CavernUnderwater Video Guide to Ko Haa Cavern, with Scubafish.

Ko Haa Yai is the biggest of the five islands that make up Ko Haa and is one of the most spectacular.

It is most famous for the enormous caves know as ‘The Cathedral‘ – two huge underwater caverns that it is possible to surface in & swim between – that are always a delight for visiting divers.

It is also an excellent dive-spot to see Hawksbill Turtles feasting on Bubble Coral and has a series of stunning underwater pinnacles carpeted in soft corals and a myriad of marine life from shrimps & crabs to Giant Morays, Trumpetfish, Flutemouths & many more colourful reef species.


Underwater Video Guide to Ko Haa Cavern – ‘The Cathedral’

Footage courtesy of Liquid Lense & Scubafish.

The largest cavern at Ko Haa Yai has three chambers and is known as ‘The Cathedral’. The first two chambers are connected by a shallow swim through at about 9 metres.

It’s possible to surface inside the Cathedral and see the limestone stalactites looming from the high ceilings.

Light floods in through the two large entrances and offers great underwater photographic opportunities for capturing atmospheric silhouette shots.

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