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14, Feb, 2013

Well done Kaew! Our most recent Liquid Lense student

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Liquid Lense would like to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Kaew, our most recent Liquid Lense Underwater Photographer PLUS student. Kaew, who had never photographed underwater before, captured some beautiful images. She started with our Liquid Lense Go Photo Course and loved it so much, she decided to continue and complete the Liquid Lense Underwater Photographer PLUS Course.

Liquid Lense student Photographs - by Kaew

Kaew first started with basic white balance settings, silhouette shots and composition techniques.Liquid Lense student - Kaew photographing - Seamoth Pegasidae Then, she moved onto working with manual settings such as; shutter speeds and apertures. Concentrating on photographing divers with marine life, manual white balance mode, macro and flash photography (mastering an external strobe on her third day.) During her course, she particularly enjoyed learning about white balance and macro techniques.

Also during the course, she was taught how to set up and care for an underwater camera system. She learnt about the special techniques used with underwater photography. She was shown how to catalogue and edit her pictures, in Adobe Lightroom. On completion of her course she produced a slideshow of her favourite images on our big screen.

Liquid Lense cousre photos - by Kaew

For the Liquid Lense Go Photo Course, Kaew was using our Canon A490 with Ikelite housing.Liquid Lense student - Kaew photographing - Giant moray - Gymnothorax As she continued with the Liquid Lense Underwater Photographer PLUS Course she used the Canon G10 camera with Canon underwater housing. You can see from her photographs what can be achieved with these cameras.

After completing the course, Kaew went fun diving and said “She was looking at everything differently; the textures of the coral, and wondering about the true colours of corals etc.” She now plans to invest in her own underwater camera set-up.

Once again, well done Kaew, we are all extremely proud of you! We look forward to seeing more great underwater photographs from you in the future.

Kaew was a truly excellent student.Liquid Lense course student - Kaew - photographing a Moray Eel - Muraenidae

The Liquid Lense Underwater Photographer PLUS Course is a 4-day course, covering all the skills you need to become a professional underwater photographer. This course is designed for divers considering underwater photography as a serious hobby or career.

If you would like to learn more about underwater photography take an underwater photography course, with Liquid Lense. Please contact us if you would like any further information.



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