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22, May, 2015

Trash Hero Available at Scubafish

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Trash Hero Lands in Ko Lanta

Trash Hero began life in 2013 as a group of local Thai and Farang friends doing weekly beach clean-ups in Ko Lipe. Since then this informal gathering has snowballed into a trash-busting, children-educating, green product-promoting unstoppable force and now it’s rolled into Ko Lanta. Here at Scubafish, we couldn’t be happier.


Happier Hydration

We don’t know about you but we take our hydration very seriously. Being in the sun all day on the dive boat means you’ll rarely see a Scubafish staff member who isn’t constantly sipping from a bottle of water. Ask any of us though, and it becomes clear that we all have similar worries. Namely that although there are some basic recycling facilities on Ko Lanta and the plastic does get recycled….somewhere (we think), the sheer volume of plastic bottles being discarded is just too much. The genius that is Trash Hero’s refillable bottle will hopefully help us all to have guilt-free hydration from now on.

Refill your Trash Hero bottles at all Scubafish shops 1


Trash Hero Love Ko Lanta Refillable Bottles

Lets face it, they haven’t re-invented the wheel. But they’ve done a good job of making an awesome, spinny one with go-faster swirls. It’s all very simple – just buy your Trash Hero minimalist silver canteen for a mere 200THB and refill it for free at any of the Ko Lanta businesses marked on the map. The bottle itself is great – its got a cool slogan and a carabiner for attaching it to your backpack while you’re mopeding round the island – what’s not to love? From a business perspective its also pretty clever – why wouldn’t you want lovely people/potential customers in your shop or resort grabbing their free refill?

Refill your Trash Hero bottles at all Scubafish shops 2


Scubafish Offers CHILLED Refills in all Four of our Shops

You can buy and then refill your Trash Hero bottle at our main shop in Kantiang Bay which is just on the right as you drive into the village. Also at our shops inside The Narima Bungalow Resort, between Klong Nin and Kantiang Bay, and The Pimalai and Baan Laanta Resort and Spa, both accessible from the beach or road in Kantiang Bay. As the Heroes say, expressing your love has never been easier.


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