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Category: Liquid Lense Courses

14, Feb, 2013

Liquid Lense would like to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Kaew, our most recent Liquid Lense Underwater Photographer PLUS student. Kaew, who had never photographed underwater before, captured some beautiful images. She started with our Liquid Lense Go Photo Course and loved it so much, she decided to continue and complete the Liquid Lense Underwater Photographer PLUS Course.

Kaew first started with basic white balance settings, silhouette shots and composition techniques. Then, she moved onto working with manual settings such as; shutter speeds and apertures. Concentrating on photographing divers with marine life, manual white balance mode, macro and flash photography (mastering an external strobe on her third day.) During her course, she particularly enjoyed learning about white balance and macro techniques.


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1, Oct, 2011

How many times have you taken pictures underwater, thinking that the results are going to be amazing, only to be disappointed when reviewing them at the end of the day?

This is a very common problem and is because, compared to land photography, underwater photography is a whole different kettle of fish!

Free Tips Fact Sheet with Every Underwater Camera Rental



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13, Sep, 2011

Liquid Lense have developed a range of Tips and Tricks to help underwater photographers and underwater videographers.

At Liquid Lense, we understand that not everyone wants or needs their hands held while learning new skills, some like to just dive straight in with a few pointers and see how they get on.

With this in mind, Liquid Lense now offers an inexpensive, quick and easy Tips & Tricks Session that can get you started on the right track, without too much time spent studying the manual!



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12, Sep, 2011

Liquid Lense are delighted to announce their updated prices for the coming season. With continued efforts to increase our guests’ satisfaction by reducing prices wherever possible, we have managed to cut the prices of some of our courses, and in particular, we’re very pleased to be able to offer significant savings on rental prices for Underwater Camera Systems.

Our new Express Online Sign-In System is now live, so we can save you a little more time to relax and enjoy your holiday in Ko Lanta.



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