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Category: Local Community Projects

28, Mar, 2013

Scubafish are excited to be supporting ‘The Clownfish Release Project 2013,’ organised by Pimalai Resort and Spa. The event will be held on the 30th March 2013 at Ko Haa and will be the 9th year that the project has taken place.

The Clownfish Release Project is generously funded by Khun Anurat Tiyaphorn, the owner of Pimalai Resort and Spa. The research is headed by Dr. Thorn Thamrongnawasawat, Head of the Department of Marine Sciences at Kasetsart University and his team of marine scientists, and is supported by the Thai Department of Fisheries.


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4, Oct, 2012

We are delighted that Project AWARE have chosen to feature Scubafish’s turtle-saving day in their latest campaign against marine debris. Pervasive debris kills wildlife, destroys habitats, and threatens our health and economy. Found in even the most remote ocean places, once underwater, debris can remain for generations.



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9, Sep, 2012

Heading back from a day’s diving at Ko Haa, a small group of Scubafish divers were lucky enough to be able to rescue a group of Olive Ridley Turtles who had been badly entangled in a discarded fishing net.

We had just finished a beautiful day out diving at Ko Haa and were on our way back to Ko Lanta on MV Moskito, when our Captain spotted something unusual floating on the surface of the sea approximately 1km south-west of Ko Haa.



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22, Apr, 2012

Dive for Earth Day Event 2012

Throughout the month of April 2012 more than one billion people around the globe will participate in Earth Day 2012 and help Mobilize the Earth™. People of all nationalities and backgrounds will voice their appreciation for the planet and demand its protection. Together we will stand united for a sustainable future and call upon individuals, organizations, and governments to do their part.



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30, Mar, 2012

The Clownfish and Seahorse Release Video 2012 was filmed on 30th March 2012. Dr. Thon and his team of 10 marine scientists from Kasetsart University were joined by 30 volunteers and participants onboard Scubafish Dive Boats. They headed out to Ko Haa to release 200 western clownfish and 50 seahorses at Island #1 at Ko Haa.

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29, Mar, 2012

Scubafish are delighted to be supporting Pimalai’s 8th Clownfish Release Project event on 2nd April 2012 at Ko Haa. This year, Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat and his team of marine scientists, plan to release 200 Western Clownfish and are extending their project to include 50 Seahorses to release at Island #1 and #6 at popular local dive site, Ko Haa.



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23, Feb, 2012

Scubafish is 100% Committed to Ocean Protection

Scubafish is delighted to announce that we have taken a bold step forward in our ongoing commitment to support the Project AWARE movement of scuba divers protecting the ocean planet – one dive at a time.



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9, Apr, 2011

On Sunday 24th April, 2011 at 10:00, Kim McMenemy (an instructor here at Scubafish), will scuba dive a half-marathon (13.1 miles) in the White Rock Resort Pool (Ko Lanta, Thailand), stopping merely to swap scuba tanks and remain hydrated. Kim seeks to raise important funds and is asking you to help by making a donation…

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12, Apr, 2010

Dive for Earth Day 2010

Dive For Earth Day 2010Volunteers needed for Dive for Earth Day 2010 – Calling All Divers and Water Enthusiasts!

2010 is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, an international campaign designed to raise environmental awareness on a global scale.

Underwater environments are under numerous threats including pollution, debirs, climate change, overfishing, and coral bleaching. Dive for Earth Day is an extraordinary opportunity to take action and help address the underwater issues that concern you most.



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