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Category: Photo Galleries

16, Jun, 2011

Our Nudibranch Gallery: Images of Nudibranches (nudibranchia) taken by Liquid Lense professional photographers from the reefs around Ko Lanta.

Nudibranches of all shapes and sizes can be found on each of Lantas Top Dive Sites. Their amazing patterns and colours can be a warning to predators that they are poisonous to eat, but it also makes them fantastic subjects for underwater macro enthusiasts.



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15, Jun, 2011

Our Manta Ray Gallery: Images of Manta Rays (manta birostris) taken from the dive sites around Ko Lanta.


What are some interesting facts about Manta Rays?

The Manta Ray has the largest brain to body ratio of all sharks and rays on Earth. They can grow to over 7.5m in length and weigh as much as 2,000 kgs. Manta rays live to around 20 years old and are very close relative of the shark. Ironically, sharks as well as whales are their main predators. They are also closely related to the stingray but they don’t have a stinger.



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