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19, Jun, 2010

Liquid Lense’s Underwater Video at Hin Muang:

Underwater Video of Dive Site Hin Muang
Underwater Video at Hin Muang – Video Dive Site Guide to Hin Muang with Scubafish.

World-famous dive site Hin Muang, lies just a few hundred metres to the west of Hin Daeng out in the Andaman Sea. This sea mount is entirely underwater with the reef starting at about 12 metres and plummeting down to a dizzying 70 metres.



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24, May, 2010

Liquid Lense‘s Underwater Video at Hin Daeng :

Underwater Video at Hin DaengThe underwater seamount of Hin Daeng extends out in all directions to a depth of more than 50 metres and is home to a huge variety of larger marine life. You’ll bear witness to many awe-inspiring sites and aquatic variety in this underwater video at Hin Daeng.

Hin Daeng is home to a resident school of Batfish which greet divers on their descent, schools of huge Barracuda, and constant show of pelagic action to keep divers enthralled.



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21, Apr, 2010

Koh Haa LagoonEnjoy great diving with fantastic underwater photography opportunities at Ko Haa Lagoon.

Cruising into the picture perfect lagoon of Ko Haa is a treat for novice and experienced divers alike with its white sandy beach, stunning karst islands & crystal clear waters.

The lagoon is home to fabulous reefscapes, a beautiful large table coral covered in nervous humbug fish and many colourful reef fish such as Porkie, the resident & very curious Porcupine Pufferfish, Clownfish (aka Nemo), Lionfish, Scorpionfish, Snapper, Barracuda & even Turtles.



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1, Mar, 2010

Ko Haa CavernUnderwater Video Guide to Ko Haa Cavern, with Scubafish.

Ko Haa Yai is the biggest of the five islands that make up Ko Haa and is one of the most spectacular.

It is most famous for the enormous caves know as ‘The Cathedral‘ – two huge underwater caverns that it is possible to surface in & swim between – that are always a delight for visiting divers.



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14, Jan, 2010

“Ko Haa Chimney”: An Underwater Video Guide

Ko Haa ChimneyKo Haa Chimney is located on island number one (or ‘Neung’) of Ko Haa’s five islands.

The dive site is home to ‘The Chimney’, an eerie underwater tunnel starting at 17 metres and rising all the way to 6 metres, where a school of sweepers glint in the piercing rays of the sun.

Explore the arm that branches off the main chimney to the east, bringing you out into a beautiful shallow chamber with several large exits. Following the light through the tunnel either up or down the chimney is an experience not to be missed and can provide great silhouette opportunities.



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