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30, Mar, 2013

The Clownfish Release Video 2013 event took place on 30th March 2013 onboard MY Pimalai 8, MV Maya 2 and MV Moskito.

This year marks the ninth year that leading Thailand marine scientist Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat, Head of the Department of Marine Sciences at Kasetsart University and his team of marine scientists have volunteered their expertise to assist in the Clownfish Release Project which is supported by the Thai Department of Fisheries.

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30, Mar, 2012

The Clownfish and Seahorse Release Video 2012 was filmed on 30th March 2012. Dr. Thon and his team of 10 marine scientists from Kasetsart University were joined by 30 volunteers and participants onboard Scubafish Dive Boats. They headed out to Ko Haa to release 200 western clownfish and 50 seahorses at Island #1 at Ko Haa.

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19, Jun, 2010

Liquid Lense’s Underwater Video at Hin Muang:

Underwater Video of Dive Site Hin Muang
Underwater Video at Hin Muang – Video Dive Site Guide to Hin Muang with Scubafish.

World-famous dive site Hin Muang, lies just a few hundred metres to the west of Hin Daeng out in the Andaman Sea. This sea mount is entirely underwater with the reef starting at about 12 metres and plummeting down to a dizzying 70 metres.



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24, May, 2010

Liquid Lense‘s Underwater Video at Hin Daeng :

Underwater Video at Hin DaengThe underwater seamount of Hin Daeng extends out in all directions to a depth of more than 50 metres and is home to a huge variety of larger marine life. You’ll bear witness to many awe-inspiring sites and aquatic variety in this underwater video at Hin Daeng.

Hin Daeng is home to a resident school of Batfish which greet divers on their descent, schools of huge Barracuda, and constant show of pelagic action to keep divers enthralled.



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