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Category: Individual Subject Tricks

13, Jan, 2014

Harlequin Shrimps are a species of saltwater swimming, decapod crustaceans. Their scientific classification name is Hymenocera picta. Harlequin Shrimps are the only species in the genus Hymenocera.

Harlequin Shrimps are beautiful creatures. Their shape is what makes them so distinctive. They look more like a blossoming flower than a shrimp. At Scubafish, we get very excited when we encounter them, as they are very rare.


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11, Dec, 2013

Cuttlefish (Sepiida,) despite their name, are not fish at all, but molluscs. Cuttlefish belong to the class Cephalopoda, the same family as squid, octopus and nautilus. Cuttlefish are found in large numbers throughout the world’s oceans, from the warm tropical shallows, to the cold depths of the deep. Cuttlefish share the same characteristics as their relatives; squid, octopus and nautiluses, i.e. they have a large elongated body, with tentacles surrounding their mouth.

Cuttlefish are amazing and unique creatures. Most people have only heard of Cuttlefish being the piece of cuttlebone in a bird cage. However, the Cuttlefish is much more than a source of calcium for caged birds and hopefully after learning more about them, you will come to love and admire them as much as we do at Scubafish.


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1, Nov, 2013

Leopard Sharks (Stegostoma fasciatum), also known as Zebra Sharks, are a species of Carpet Shark. They are a member of the Stegostomatidae family. They are frequently found around coral reefs and on sandy seabeds, in tropical coastal waters up to a depth of 70m. They are a popular attraction for divers and are a favourite with us at Scubafish. They can be seen at all the dive sites around Ko Lanta, but most commonly at one of our dive sites, Ko Phi Phi.


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24, Apr, 2013

Giant Moray Eels (Gymnothorax javanicus,) are from the family Muraenidae.
Giant Moray Eels are cosmopolitan creatures, found in both tropical and temperate seas, although the largest populations can be found in the coral reefs of warm oceans. They are widespread in the Indo-Pacific region; being found in the Andaman Sea, the Red Sea, East Africa, the Pitcairn Islands, Ryukyu and Hawaiian islands, New Caledonia, Fiji and the Austral Islands. They are usually found in shallow water among the reefs and rocks and in lagoons.


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8, Apr, 2013

At Scubafish, Dragon Sea Moths are by far our favourite small marine creatures. It is always a delight to see one on a dive. They are one of the strangest and most adorable little fish in the world!

The Dragon Sea Moth, (Eurypegasus draconis,) also known as the Little Dragonfish and the Pegasus Sea Moth, belongs to the family Pegasidae, within the order Gasterosteiformes. They are named Pegasus, after a creature from Greek mythology. They are found in; coastal tropical waters, sheltered bays, estuaries and silty areas on the sea bed.


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8, Jan, 2013

Everyone at Scubafish enjoys their encounters with Hawksbill Turtles. Some Hawksbills can be a little shy, whereas others can be overly friendly. Their curiosity sometimes gets the better of them; they have been know to snuggle up or try to gently nibble an unsuspecting diver.

The Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) is a critically endangered sea turtle, belonging to the family Cheloniidae. Hawksbill Turtles are found in the tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Oceans and the Andaman Sea….


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15, Aug, 2009

Presenting Scubafish’s Encyclopedia of Photogenic Residents:

Thailand’s Andaman Coast is blessed with a superb diversity of marine life, including many highly photogenic subjects. Here are some of the beautiful residents you could spend hours photographing on one of our individually tailored courses or underwater photography holiday with Scubafish & Liquid Lense….



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