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Category: Underwater Video Tips

14, Mar, 2012

Using a strobe for underwater photography will, without a doubt, help to improve the quality and colour of your underwater images. But strobes can be tricky to get the hang of. Even using a strobe for basic shot types can be challenging, never mind when you are trying to create certain specific lighting effects.

So how do you know when to use a strobe and how to achieve the best positioning?



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7, Jan, 2012

Taking good care of your underwater equipment and caring for your underwater camera system are essential steps towards avoiding any dreaded leaks and will help to ensure your underwater camera system lasts you a long time.

Many people have had their cameras ruined through not knowing how to look after or properly set up their equipment. So what can you do to prevent the untimely demise of your underwater system?


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28, Sep, 2011

How do you know when to come to Ko Lanta to ensure that you’ll be here at the best time for underwater photography?

Fortunately, the diving conditions at the dive sites around Ko Lanta offer consistently good diving conditions with great visibility all year round.

When Is The Best Time For Underwater Photography Around Ko Lanta?



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7, Aug, 2011

For the coming season, we have updated our 2 day MovieMaker PLUS underwater videography course.

The MovieMaker PLUS Course is a step up from the MovieMaker Course, going more in depth into different filming styles and post production techniques. Its designed for divers thinking about taking up underwater videography as a hobby and will provide you with an excellent introduction to this field, as well as giving you some nice footage to start you on your way.



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26, May, 2011

Knowing some of the Basics of Composition is a fundamental requirement in producing quality images. Composition is one of the most important aspects of an image and can make or break the picture you are making, yet for some reason many people don’t pay much attention to composition when shooting underwater photography. This may be due to the fact there are so many other things to think about: buoyancy, air consumption, bottom time etc.



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15, Apr, 2010

What to Look for in Choosing a Video Camera Housing:

Choosing a Video Camera & Underwater HousingSo, you’re interested in getting into underwater videography?

There’s no doubting that it’s an expensive hobby, especially in terms of the equipment you need to buy.

This means that in choosing a video camera housing and camera for the first time, it is vital that you do your homework for the package that is right for you – but without experience or being able to test different models underwater, how do you choose the right system for you?



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10, Oct, 2009

Wide Angle Classics: A Closer Inspection

Have you ever seen an underwater image that seems to cover a large area, yet still has an incredible amount of detail? Such shots were almost certainly taken with a wide angle lens – a lens that increases the angle of view, allowing you to get close to a subject, yet still fit it all in the frame.

Wide angle shots can be truly inspirational and are really not so difficult to get right. Here are some examples of great wide angle shots you can take on the dive sites around Ko Lanta



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