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30, Mar, 2013

The Clownfish Release Video 2013 event took place on 30th March 2013 onboard MY Pimalai 8, MV Maya 2 and MV Moskito.

This year marks the ninth year that leading Thailand marine scientist Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat, Head of the Department of Marine Sciences at Kasetsart University and his team of marine scientists have volunteered their expertise to assist in the Clownfish Release Project which is supported by the Thai Department of Fisheries.

Having already set up protective cages around dozens of sea anemones located on the sloping reefs on the southern slopes of Island #1 at Ko Haa, the 40 or so participants and volunteers set sail to release 200 tiny clownfish into their new homes.

Clownfish Release Video 2013 – MY Pimalai 8 Perspective

Clownfish-Release-2013-PIM8 from Liquid Lense on Vimeo.

Clownfish Release Video 2013 – MV Maya 2 Perspective

Clownfish-Release-2013-SF from Liquid Lense on Vimeo.

A big thank you to Anthony Kobrowisky for filming and producing both versions of the Clownfish Release Video 2013.

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