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27, Jul, 2015

Scubafish Says NO to Plastic Bags

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Plastic Bags are a Big Problem

At Scubafish we see that plastic bags are a big problem for Ko Lanta. We wrote an article back in 2009 and noted then that in Thailand, 15% of all waste consisted of plastic bags with a staggering 18,000 tons of used plastic bags being disposed of every day. We’re really worried when we look at the trash on our beaches, that not much has changed since then.

scubafish says no to plastic bags


Shopping and Plastic Bags

If you spend even a few days in Ko Lanta, you’ll very quickly become aware that most shops give out plastic bags like they’re going out of fashion. Buy a can of fizzy drink and you’ll get it in a plastic bag. The same goes for a single yoghurt, a packet of crisps, even a banana that’s already been packaged in plastic! Basically, any item you buy goes straight into a plastic bag which 99% of the time is totally unnecessary. And of course these bags are ending up as marine debris in our oceans.


Say NO to Plastic Bags

Staff at Scubafish make a point of refusing plastic bags wherever possible when they go shopping. We either show we can carry the items in our hands and out to the baskets of our mopeds or take our own reusable bags with us. Finally, finally we’re seeing some change with the regular shop assistants now often checking with us whether we need a plastic bag or not. If everyone joined us and said no to plastic bags, there would be less plastic in circulation and washing up on our beaches.

scubafish says no to plastic bags


How can you help?

Get into the habit of always taking your own bags with you or refusing a plastic bag at our local shops. And if for any reason you do genuinely need a plastic bag, take it out with you the next day and use it again. THEN use it to transport your sandy flip-flops back home with you at the end of your holiday. Please help us at Scubafish to keep our sea and island clean and start saying NO to plastic bags.

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