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5, Oct, 2007

Asia’s Most Diverse 5 Star, Gold Palm, IDC Resort

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Learn More About Scubafish: Asia’s Most Diverse 5 Star, Gold Palm, IDC Resort

Scubafish - PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Resort

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SCUBAFISH is proud to unveil the next step in their development of courses to suit every level of diver. Having attained the status of PADI 5 STAR, GOLD PALM, IDC RESORT, they can now help you gain your Instructor Certification and beyond. Professional, eco-friendly attitude, modern facilities and legendary customer service make SCUBAFISH the ideal place to continue your diving education.

Hans Ullrich, PADI’s Asia Pacific Regional Manager, was one of the first to offer his congratulations to SCUBAFISH on their new venture. “It’s been a series of progressive ideas that’s led SCUBAFISH in their current direction. Nowadays, customers know what they want, but expect more. Bringing enthusiasm and a fresh new approach to diving, is something that SCUBAFISH has excelled in. Their customers are not only satisfied, but leave excited, wanting more and eager to return.


“The atmosphere and service is beyond anything most people have experienced before – customers see this and know they are receiving the best possible care and attention. This is the direction that diving is taking – these guys just seem to be one step ahead.”


“We strive for all our PADI Dive Courses to be of the highest possible standard” said Saffron Kiddy of SCUBAFISH. “We know that Divemasters who’ve been trained by PADI IDC Staff Instructors have gained the best education possible. The next logical step was to offer Instructor training too. If we can generate a high standard of Divemaster, then we are in a great position to train quality Instructors who are keen to educate people about the underwater environment and show their students how we can make a difference to reef conservation and the future of our industry”.

“Most divers become Divemasters or Instructors because they want the opportunity to work in exotic surroundings, enjoy quality of life, and have access to the best diving spots. It makes sense to train in these surroundings too, since that will help you prepare for your future goal – working in the job you love, in an area you love. Enjoying world class diving while you train is an added bonus.” said Dalton, the training manager at Scubafish.

“Everybody wants to give their students the best possible training and at the same time be environmentally friendly – we just show you ways to take this further. We help you to educate others in so many ways. If you teach courses you are passionate about, your students learn so much more. Everybody wins.”

Taking an IDC is probably the most demanding and rewarding course you will undertake in your diving career. The main objective at SCUBAFISH is to, not only make you a TOP Instructor, but to prepare you for the real world of teaching diving. The team spirit and support, modern classrooms and muti-media teaching techniques, combine to make a SCUBAFISH IDC a learning experience that will give you a solid grounding for the rest of your diving career.

SCUBAFISH is affiliated with LIQUID LENSE – Underwater Digital Imaging Academy and AQUALOGY – Marine Education Centre, so there are a wide range of courses available to every level of diver. When you train with SCUBAFISH you learn alongside Marine Scientists, experienced Instructors, and other specialists in their fields, enabling you to gain further knowledge in areas that interest you.

The Instructor Development programme at Scubafish takes your training a step further, looking at ways you can integrate courses, market them and ultimately teach them. The more courses you can teach, the more employable you become. “By the time you attend your IDC, you have achieved so much.” said Dalton. “Why would you limit yourself when you become an Instructor? It makes sense to be able to offer as much as possible to your students. Our aim is to help you become as employable a possible.”

Yanti, a new SCUBAFISH Instructor said “As an Instructor, you ideally want to be able to teach courses that you enjoy yourself. It’s wonderful here as you learn so much from the Instructors around you. Everyone at SCUBAFISH has their own area of particular expertise, if you want to learn about any aspect of diving, identify a particular fish, name a coral, or just find a piece of general information, there are so many knowledgable people around to give you an answer. Whether you know what it is you love already, or have yet to find it, they will help you on your journey. It’s an amazing atmosphere of learning and discovery.”

After you complete your IE with SCUBAFISH, you can stay on to learn more about conducting courses by gaining team-teaching experience with their staff. If you need to relax, you are in the best location to visit some of Thailand’s top dive sites, so be sure to allow some time to say hello to the Mantas at Hin Daeng & Hin Muang. Ko Lanta has so much to offer; peaceful resorts, white-sandy beaches and the crystal-clear waters of the Andaman sea, all set against the dramatic backdrop of a lush tropical rainforest. The relaxed atmosphere and peaceful surroundings allow for a stress-free, learning environment – you can actually have fun whilst benefiting from the highest level of professional diving education.

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