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17, Jun, 2011

Our Cephalopod Gallery: Octopus and Cuttlefish are fascinating creatures and can be found on all of the dive sites around Ko Lanta. They are part of the Cephalopod family and are considered to be the most intelligent of the invertebrates with well developed senses and large brains.

Cephalopod’s, especially Octopus, are masters of disguise and can quickly and constantly change the colour and texture of their skin to blend into their surroundings. Octopuses are able to squeeze into impossibly small cracks and crevices to evade predators, and one species in particular can mimic other creatures to fool predators into thinking they some other form of marine life!

All Cephalopods have clear blood which turns blue when in contact with air, and they have 3 hearts, one for each of their gills and the other for the rest of their body. Very unique.

They make for very photogenic subject in Underwater Photography and Videography, especially if you find one out hunting or nesting. Have look at our Basics of Composition article to give you some top tips and tricks to help you get some great shots next time you see one.

You can build your very own Cephalopod Gallery with us! The best places to find them are at Ko Haa and Hin Daeng.



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