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23, Mar, 2009

Dive for Earth Day 2009

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Dive for Earth Day 2009

Make a world of difference this Dive for Earth Day 2009, on April 22.

Earth is a water planet and the planet needs our help. Why? Climate change is a major threat with increased ocean temperatures and ocean acidification impacting fragile underwater environments. Dive for Earth Day is an extraordinary opportunity to take action and help address the underwater issues that concern you most.

“How can I help?”

Individual Divers and Water Enthusiasts:
Volunteer today! Sign up for the Scubafish Dive for Earth Day 2009 event in Kantiang Bay and choose to participate in the Asia Pacific Fish Survey, Coral Reef Monitoring Project or Beach and Underwater Cleanup activities.

A Brief History about Dive for Earth Day
Earth Day raises environmental awareness on a global scale. Since the 30th anniversary of Earth Day in 2000, Project AWARE has helped divers focus attention on aquatic environments for this annual event. Thousands of diver volunteers in more than 115 countries have helped protect underwater environments and educate local communities for Project AWARE’s Dive for Earth Day.

As divers and water enthusiasts we are privileged to have access to unique underwater environments. In fact, due to our up close and personal relationship with the underwater world, divers and snorkelers are often the first to recognize habitat decline and contribute to solutions.

Be aware of every action when entering the marine environment and take every precaution to avoid any negative impact. In addition, be an ambassador for the protection of our aquatic world and gently remind others to do the same when necessary.

What Can You Do to Keep Waters Debris Free?

  • Buy in bulk, re-use as often as possible and always recycle.
  • Bring reusable bags with you when shopping.
  • Avoid buying plastic or Styrofoam products whenever possible.
  • Be aware of everything you buy and avoid products with excessive packaging.
  • Demand more and improved recycling facilities for your area.
  • Properly dispose of all pieces of fishing line, net or other associated litter.
  • Keep plastics and other litter off the ground and the ocean floor.
  • Keep storm drains and shorelines free of plastic and other debris.
  • Remove debris you see during every recreational dive or shoreline visit.
  • Get involved. Participate in local shoreline and underwater cleanups with Project AWARE.



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