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11, Sep, 2009

International Clean Up Day 2009: Scubafish Recruit Volunteers

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International Clean Up Day 2009

2293706794_6c4bef85b8_mDid you know that over 6 million tons of debris enter the oceans and sea each year causing harm to the underwater environment and wildlife?

Furthermore, did you know that over 80% of all marine debris is plastic?

It is estimated that 1 million plastic bags are used every single minute around the world. In Thailand alone 15% of all waste consists of plastic bags with a staggering 18,000 tons of used plastic bags being disposed of every day.

19th September 2009 is International Coastal Clean Up day (ICC). The ICC started back in 1986 with 1800 volunteers; today it is the largest volunteer network worldwide. In 2008, 390,881 volunteers in 102 countries collected 3090 tons of debris from shorelines around the planet.

Volunteers from Scubafish and Narima Diving are joining this global effort to make a difference, and have organised a series of environmental and educational events over 3 days around International Clean-Up Day 2009. However out of respect for the local community these events have been postponed until the end of Ramadan.

  • Day 1: Klong Hin School: Environmental activities, Clean- up and Educational Talks.
  • Day 2: Ba Kantiang Bay Clean- Up.
  • Day 3: Ko Haa (Ko Lanta National Marine Park) Underwater Clean-Up, ReefWatch and AWARE Asia Pacific Fish Survey.

For International Clean Up Day 2008 Scubafish and the community around Kantiang Bay recruited 80 volunteers who cleaned almost a ton of rubbish from this shoreline. We are hoping to surpass this number and make this year more sucessful still and we need your help!

Day 1: Thursday 24th September 2009.

Environmental activities, Educational talks and clean-up at Klong Hin School.

Scubafish and the Narima Diving staff are very excited about spending a day back at school! A number of short presentations and videos about our impact on the environment (including marine debris and our overuse of plastic bags), a yummy lunch and a clean-up around the school and mosque have been organised.We all know that disseminating this information to, and a small change in thinking by the next generation, will make a huge long term difference.

Day 2: Saturday 26th September 2009.

Kantiang Bay and Beach Clean-up:


Scubafish along with the businesses and local community situated along this beautiful bay are increasingly concerned by the amount of rubbish humans generate and the impact this is making to the environment. In partnership with Project AWARE, Scubafish are recruiting volunteers to collect debris and rubbish from the beach and main street in Kantiang bay, Ko Lanta. Any equipment (gloves, bags, water) will be provided along with a safety briefing. Groups of volunteers will collect and categorise debris and record information on the items of debris collected, e.g., beverage cans, smoking-related activities, clothing, plastics, to help us identify the general sources of marine and coastal debris. Scubafish and Narima Diving are proud members of Greenfins Thailand, who are joint country coordinators along with the DMCR (Department of Marine and Coastal Resources). It will be their responsibility to collate all the ICC data from clean-ups around the country for both the Ocean Conservancy and Thai government departments.

Day 3: Sunday 27th September 2008.

Reef Monitoring, Fish Survey and Underwater Clean-up:

Picture 638

How can divers help? Scubafish and Narima Diving (in partnership with Greenfins Thailand and the Phuket Marine Biological Center) is bringing a simple, non-invasive coral reef monitoring method to divers who are passionate enough to make a difference. Our staff will provide a thorough briefing and short presentation on ReefWatch survey techniques, enabling us to collect valuable information to monitor the reef’s health and help us care for the reefs you visit. Volunteer divers can easily learn the method and take part in the programme recording such information as common coral types, visual percentage cover, indicator species, damage and topography of reef and track this information over time. Our staff have found this programme has opened their eyes and enhanced their diving experiences even further through focusing in on marine life other than just the huge variety of fish we all marvel over. Marine Biologists and government departments will use the data collected for these dive sites to help answer questions about the overall health and risks to Thailand’s coral reefs.

We will also be conducting an underwater clean-up at the re-nowned Ko Haa dive sites (Ko Lanta National Marine Park), again categorising this data for Greenfins to collate and send to the Ocean Conservancy (ICC) and Thai DMCR.

Scubafish will also be conducting the Project AWARE Fish ID- Asia Pacific Fish Survey. Again simple and non-invasive, this survey requires partcipants to count and monitor the abundance of 10 specific local fish species particular to our area over the course of their dives. This data is then compiled and sent in to Project AWARE for entry into their Asia Pacific fish database.

Please be aware that buoyancy and your safety remain of utmost importance and as such we would suggest you consider a buoyancy clinic or scuba review and assessment with our staff prior to this day dependent upon your experience level. Why not consider enrolling in the PADI AWARE Fish ID, Naturalist or Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure dives or Specialty courses so that these dives count towards further certification whilst you are volunteering and having fun?

For additional details, directions, information about accomodation or to find out how you can volunteer for ongoing environmental activities, or sign up for any of our courses please contact Scubafish or Narima Diving. We look forward to seeing you!!!

Help us keep Kantiang beautiful!!!



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