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7, Sep, 2010

International Clean-Up Day 2010

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What is International Clean-Up Day 2010(ICD)?
This annual event (originally started 25 years ago by The Ocean Conservancy, and supported by Project AWARE) is the world’s largest volunteer effort for the marine environment, working towards global solutions to marine debris through the cumulative efforts of half-a-million volunteers globally.

International Clean Up Day 2010

What is the problem?
Marine debris is having devastating impacts upon the underwater ecosystem. Marine life suffers; seabirds, turtles, sharks, corals, and a myriad of other creatures face a slow death from entanglement, suffocation or ingestion of man-made objects.

Marine debris can also have a direct impact upon our health. Sharp items like broken glass or metal cans cut beachgoers, while disposable diapers and batteries introduce bacteria, toxic compounds, and other contaminants into the water.

International Clean Up Day (ICD 2009): A Brief Re-cap.

Project AWARE volunteers worldwide collected 252,000kgs of marine debris in a single day. (To put this in perspective, this is roughly equivalent to the weight of 4500 Thai people,or 2520 Honda motorbikes!)

Volunteers at our Kantiang Bay Clean-Up last year collected and removed an astounding 3,528 kgs of trash!

Items collected globally (and in Kantiang Bay in brackets):

  • 140,814 Cigarette Butts (400)
  • 91,596 Plastic Bottles
  • 78,854 Plastic Bags (720)
  • 67,526 Beverage Cans (314)
  • 55,334 Caps and lids (1,000)
  • 49,046 Glass Bottles (382)
  • 22,942 Straws and stirrers (700)

What are Narima Diving doing this year for ICD?

Narima Diving and Scubafish believe that the diving community have a responsibility to foster environmental awareness, responsible attitudes and values. We wish to encourage positive action, inspire a change in personal behaviour and perception of environment, and highlight the value of our natural resources. Or:

Think global, act local. Today, for Tomorrow.

This year Narima Diving and Scubafish’s fundraising efforts will go direct to Kantiang Bay itself, with the purpose of creating a small recycling station (for plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans). This is just a small step towards reducing marine debris at the source: 60-80% starts on land!

Currently the main resorts in the bay have their own facilities for this, but there is nowhere for the smaller businesses, local families or tourists to take their recyclables. This subject is often broached at local community meetings, and we intend to help turn talk into action.

International Clean-Up Day Events:

Narima Diving and Scubafish are in the process of preparing our activities as we speak…

Intl. Clean-Up BannerThe staff team here believe that influencing the thinking and attitudes of the next generation is the first step to making a long term difference. As such we are planning to go back to school!  We are currently busy preparing a series of fun environmental and educational activities to present to 100+ local schoolchildren (Ban Klong Hin School) on Friday September 24th. Wish us luck!

Kantiang Bay Clean-UpKantiang Bay Beach & Village Clean-Up

Date: Saturday 25th September
Time: 3pm

Although we are just in the early stages, we may have a few surprises up our sleeves in terms of some fun Clean Beach Activities for afterwards!


If you like to donate to the Kantiang Bay Recycling Station Project please contact us for further details.



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