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18, Jun, 2011

Liquid Lense are delighted to announce the launch of the Liquid Lense Channel on Vimeo – view the latest underwater diving videos from Liquid Lense online: here (

Watch our latest underwater videos at the Liquid Lense Channel on Vimeo

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Liquid Lense offers underwater photography or digital film courses to capture your imagination & secure your memories forever. With courses from complete beginner to accomplished professional, Liquid Lense offers superb diving opportunities for fanatastic underwater images!

Ko Lanta is the best place to base yourself if you want to practise taking underwater photographs at some of the top dive sites in Thailand.

With spectacular reefs, unmatched marine diversity and great visibility, Ko Lanta offers fantastic diving with great underwater photography and videography opportunities. Enjoy the convenience of day diving with the chance to enjoy the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere of island life.

Based on the beautiful island of Ko Lanta in Thailand and surrounded by the Andaman Sea, you can learn from underwater imaging professionals through our range of practical and fun underwater photo and underwater video courses.

With its quick results and lower costs, the digital revolution is making underwater photography and video the perfect underwater hobby for those wanting more from their diving.

As experts in digital underwater photography and video, we also provide a whole range of facilities and services to divers, such as dive photos & movies, great tips and advice, dive facilities for underwater photography and video enthusiasts, and underwater camera rental.




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