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7, Aug, 2011

MovieMaker PLUS – Updated and Revised

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For the coming season, we have updated our 2 day MovieMaker PLUS underwater videography course.

The MovieMaker PLUS Course is a step up from the MovieMaker Course, going more in depth into different filming styles and post production techniques. Its designed for divers thinking about taking up underwater videography as a hobby and will provide you with an excellent introduction to this field, as well as giving you some nice footage to start you on your way.
MovieMaker Plus

What additional information can I learn from the MovieMaker PLUS Course?

Learn video camera essentials including film-making styles and techniques. Shoot a practice movie on land and learn about the selection and care of underwater housings.

Make three dives with an underwater video camera that include special underwater exercises to help you capture great images. After each dive you’ll receive a debrief that includes tips and feedback to help you improve with each dive you make.

You should also take time to consider what you want to use your camera for. Do you just want to film for fun on holidays. Are you planning to find work as a videographer with a dive shop? Or maybe you want to get into TV production and make very high quality underwater productions or documentaries?

Liquid Lense run a range of underwater photography and videography courses to suit all levels. Have a look at our Photography Academy and Video Academy for more information.



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