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19, Oct, 2011

PADI’s Tech on Tour in Thailand – the first event of its kind, is designed to introduce PADI’s Technical Diving arm ‘PADI TecRec‘ to recreational and professional divers in a hands-on, dynamic & innovative way.

PADI TecRec - PADI Tech on Tour in ThailandDiving guests as well as staff at a few lucky PADI 5-Star Dive Centres in Thailand will have a chance to get wet and get tech with the latest PADI TecRec gear.

Anyone, who can get to one of the Tech on Tour in Thailand events, will have the chance to get kitted up for a free tech try-dive and get familiar with techie equipment like Sidemounts, Rebreathers and Twin Sets. Scubafish are proud to be hosting the first event of this kind in Thailand at the Pimalai Resort & Spa pool.

Ben conducting Tech Try-DivesPADI Regional Manager Tony Andrews has teamed up with long standing Tech veteran and guru Ben Reymenants and his company Blue Label Diving, a leader in the Technical Diving scene in Phuket, to tour southern Thailand next month.

They plan to visit Ao Nang, Koh Lanta and Krabi with the aim of expanding the technical diving market in Thailand and spreading the word that Tech Diving is both fun and accessible to divers interested in diving deeper and going beyond recreational scuba diving limits.

The tour will run from the 18th-21st November and is the first event of its kind to be run by PADI anywhere in the world.

Pimalai Resort & SpaTech on Tour kicks off in Ko Lanta at the stunning, upper-level, infinity poolside location, at Pimalai Resort & Spa. Pimalai has very generously extended the offer to “get wet and get tech with the latest PADI TecRec gear” to anyone and everyone who is interested to get in on the tec action! Divers and dive staff from all over the island are invited to join the hotel guests and their in-resort dive centre; Scubafish At Pimalai, to join in the fun.

PADI Tech on Tour
Poolside demonstration of Tech Diving Equipment at Pimalai. 2-5pm at the top Pimalai Pool.
Park at the main carpark and use the stairs up to the pool (follow the signs!).
All welcome

PADI Tech on Tour in Thailand poster


What is Technical Diving?

Diver in a RebreatherTechnical scuba diving is defined as diving other than conventional commercial or research diving that takes divers beyond recreational scuba diving limits.

It is further defined as; and includes one or more of the following:

  • diving beyond 40 metres/130 feet deep
  • required stage decompression
  • diving in an overhead environment beyond 40 linear metres/130 linear feet of the surface
  • accelerated decompression and or the use of variable gas mixtures during the dive

Because in technical diving the surface is effectively inaccessible in an emergency, tec divers use extensive methodologies and technologies and training to manage the added risks. Even with these, however, tec diving admittedly has more risk, potential hazard and shorter critical error chains than does recreational scuba diving.

Technical diving is scuba diving’s “extreme” sport, taking experienced and qualified divers far deeper than in mainstream recreational diving. Technical diving is marked by significantly more equipment and training requirements to manage the additional hazard this type of diving entails. Tec diving isn’t for everyone, but for those who hear its challenge call, the PADI TecRec courses are the answer.


Why would I want to be a Tech Diver?

Tec diving not only has more risk, but it requires significantly more effort, discipline and equipment. It’s not for everyone, and you can be an accomplished, avid top-notch diver your entire life without making a tec dive.

That said, there’s a cadre of individuals who want to visit places underwater that relatively few people can. Many spectacular, untouched wrecks lie at depths well below 40 metres/130 feet. Deep reefs have organisms you don’t find in the shallows. Some people enjoy the challenge and focus tec diving requires. Still others love being involved with cutting edge technologies. These reasons make tec diving rewarding.


The PADI TecRec Difference

PADI TecRec Courses available here!The TecRec program debuted in 2000. Although TecRec is not the first tec diving program (cave diver training has been around for decades), it repeatedly receives accolades for its merits.

TecRec courses are integrated into an instructionally valid, seamless course flow that takes you from beginning tec diver to one qualified to the outer reaches of sport diving using different gas mixes.
Each level introduces you to new gear, planning and procedures appropriate to extend your diving limits.

The Tec Diver course is an integrated sequence of three subcourses:

  • Tec 40
  • Tec 45
  • Tec 50

You can complete them continuously, or you can complete each level separately with a time span between them. This gives you learning efficiency, instructional integrity and schedule flexibility.


The Fun Part!

The fun part of TecRec is rising to the challenges as you dive deeper and longer than most divers ever do.


The TecRec Education Flowchart:


PADI TecRec Education Flowchart for Tech Diving

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