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4, Oct, 2012

We are delighted that Project AWARE have chosen to feature Scubafish’s turtle-saving day in their latest campaign against marine debris. Pervasive debris kills wildlife, destroys habitats, and threatens our health and economy. Found in even the most remote ocean places, once underwater, debris can remain for generations.

The fight against marine debris is a constant battle that must be fought on a day-today basis by everyone doing their bit. The good news is, marine debris is preventable. Coordinated strategies are needed at local, national, regional and international levels to prevent, reduce and manage solid waste. Together, we can stop marine debris by taking local action and supporting policy change.

Project AWARE send regular newsletters to their members and subscribers calling them to action. Their latest newsletter features the story of when a group of Scubafish divers were able to save a group of three Olive Ridley Turtles near Ko Haa.


Project AWARE Newsletter for their Campaign against Marine Debris:
Help us rescue marine animals from life-threatening debris.


Project Aware - Campaign against Marine Debris Month of Action

Marine Rescue - Saving an Olive Ridely Turtle from entanglement in discarded fishing netIn Thailand on the island of Ko Haa, a group of AWARE divers recently rescued three sea turtles struggling for their lives. You can help us rescue defenseless marine animals by donating today.

It was the end of a beautiful day diving when the boat captain spotted something unusual floating on the surface of the water. As the divers got closer they found a huge discarded fishing net with three entangled turtles, trapped and struggling to breathe.

Recently I wrote to you on behalf of the ocean to ask for your help. Your donation is urgently needed.

Two distressed turtles were freed from the net and made a swift dive down to safety. The third was so badly entangled it took 30 minutes for her to be lifted onto the boat and cut free.

Why am I sharing this with you today? Sea turtles like these and countless marine animals are dying before our eyes.

Setting an Olive Ridley Turtle Free near Ko HaaWith your financial support, we can prevent marine debris from entering the ocean, and stop marine animals needlessly suffocating.

AWARE divers worldwide are underwater diving against debris right now and the Project AWARE team continues to fight at the highest levels possible to create effective, impactful change for the ocean and for our collective future.

I urge you to make a gift to help rescue the ocean from suffocating debris.
Whatever you can give will help make a difference.

Thanks to Scubafish, Thailand, for sharing their rescue story with us and a big thank you to everyone who took part in Debris Month of Action around the world!

For the Ocean,
Alex Earl - Project AWARE





Alex Earl
Executive Director, Project AWARE Foundation

P.S. Remember, your financial support is vital to advancing our critical and unique global efforts to defeat the ocean’s silent killer! Please give a gift today.



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