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1, Dec, 2015

Project AWARE Speciality Program

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What is The Project AWARE Speciality Program?

The Project AWARE Specialty program is a non-diving program designed to familiarise divers and non-divers, with the plight of aquatic ecosystems around the world. It also describes what individuals can do to help protect aquatic resources.

The goals of this course are to familiarise participants with:


  • The role Project AWARE Foundation plays in protecting aquatic ecosystems worldwide.


  • The importance, and the interdependent nature, of aquatic ecosystems.


  • The pertinent issues concerning the environmental status of underwater environments, such as pollution, fisheries and coastal zone management.


  • Information needed to take specific actions to help conserve underwater environments.


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    What Will You Learn?

    During the Project AWARE Speciality program, you will learn about The Project AWARE Foundation and discover why divers and snorkelers are the natural ambassadors for the aquatic environment.

    The program also covers The Aquatic World. It details how all water on earth is ultimately connected and explains the two primary types of freshwater ecosystems found on the surface of the Earth and what distinguishes them.

    Coral Reefs are vital to our Ocean. The Project AWARE Speciality program shows why they are important and what benefits they provide. Questions like what is the current status of the world’s coral reefs and what are the major threats to them, will be answered.


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    Aquatic Resources in Peril

    Pollution, mismanaged fisheries and degraded coastal zones, all contribute to destroying the Ocean. Find out what are the sources of that pollution, their consequences and why we need regulation.

    Today, many marine fisheries are near the brink of collapse due to destructive fishing practises. The Project AWARE Speciality program aims to show what you can do to support sustainable fisheries.

    Our coastal zones, wetlands and mangroves are vitally important to the health of the Ocean. Find out what pressures contribute to their destruction and what we can do to counter act it.

    Did you know, are the currently six marine regions in the world which are the most environmentally threatened? Find out where they are and why they are so threatened.

    It may seem all doom and gloom but there is hope.


    Scubafish Conservation Award - Project Aware


    How You Can Help

    The Project AWARE Speciality program will outline your role in protecting underwater environments. It will explain how you can get involved in conservation activities and outline the ten ways a diver can protect underwater environments.


    Book the program

    You can book the program with Scubafish here. There may be other courses you are also interested in, which you can find here. We look forward to meeting you and making a difference to the Ocean, together.



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