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17, Nov, 2007

We are Proud to Say: Scubafish joins Greenfins!

Greenfins ThailandScubafish is proud to have become a member of Greenfins and to actively support the Greenfins Code of Conduct. Since being founded in 2004, Greenfins have been dedicated to protecting the reef’s of Thailand through raising awareness and teaching Reef Watch methods for ongoing monitoring. In support of the International Year of the Reef (IYOR) 2008 we are pushing for a direct involvement of all communities within Thailand to adopt responsibility and commit to looking after the reefs and reduce our daily impacts on the marine environment.


Greenfins Code of Conduct:

Mission: “To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving tourism industry.”

As a Green Fins Member We Are Expected To:

  • Adopt Green Fins mission statement
  • Display adopted Green Fins agreement for dive operators
  • Adhere to Green Fins ‘Friendly Diving and Snorkeling guidelines’ and act as responsible role model for guests
  • Participate in regular underwater cleanups at dive operator selected sites
  • Participate in the development and implementation of a mooring buoy program, and actively use moorings, drift or hand place anchors for boats
  • Prohibit the sale of corals and other marine life at the dive operation
  • Participate in regular coral reef monitoring, and report coral reef monitoring data to a regional coral reef database
  • Provide adequate garbage facilities on board facility’s vessels and deal with responsibly.
  • Operate under a “minimum discharge” policy
  • Abide by all local, regional, national and international environmental laws, regulations and customs
  • Provide guests with an explanation of Green Fins ‘Friendly Diving and Snorkeling Guidelines’ in pre-dive briefings (UNEP Multilingual pre-dive briefing handouts, multimedia, posters, videos)
  • Provide training, briefings or literature for employees and guests regarding good environmental practices for snorkeling, diving, boating, marine wildlife interaction, and other marine recreation activities
  • Provide staff and guests with public awareness and environmental materials (books, pamphlets, fish ID books, etc)
  • Provide guests with information on local marine protected areas, environmental rules and regulations
  • Promote strict “NO TOUCH” policy for all reef diving and snorkeling

Adapted from The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) “Environmentally Friendly Standards for Dive Operations”



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