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16, Apr, 2010

Sharks Need Your Help

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Sharks Need Your HelpSharks need your helpProject AWARE are calling for help in their campaign to secure protection for sharks. They’re working to close loopholes in shark legislation, support establishment of effective MPA networks and engage divers in underwater research, data collection and awareness projects.

Sharks continue to be fished faster than they can reproduce causing real fears that shark species will become extinct in the very near future.

As global shark populations continue to decline – some by more than 90 percent in the last two decades – many scientists fear the worst.

Losing these top predators has devastating impacts on our underwater ecosystems and local economies. When sharks disappear, entire food webs can shift and valuable economies become devastated.

Sharks Need Your HelpCritical shark species – including hammerheads, oceanic whitetip and spiny dogfish – failed to receive international protection at the recent Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) meetings, and Project AWARE are asking for your help in their fight to change this.

Take action for shark conservation – support sustainable fisheries, shark research, data collection and help raise shark awareness worldwide.

With your support, Project AWARE can secure protection for sharks. Your contribution will help continue fighting for sharks and sustainable ecosystem management. Thank you for helping secure a future for our underwater world.

For many shark species, time has already run out. According to a North Atlantic study by Dalhousie University in Halifax, an average of 80% of all deep-sea sharks have disappeared over the last six years – hunted, caught, finned!

Sharks Need Your HelpNewborn sharks take decades to reach sexual maturity, and the fishing industry is catching, killing or finning them at such an astonishing rate that shark populations have no chance to regenerate.

An estimated 200 million sharks are killed worldwide a year – 500,000 every day – and most of these are killed in an indescribably cruel fashion. This is a dramatic over-exploitation of shark populations and this tampering with the largest ecosystem of the world, can never be undone. This will have far-reaching and dramatic consequences for our children and our children’s children. [Shark Project International]

If we don’t act now, the seas will die off within just a few decades and with them, 70% of the means for generating oxygen on our planet.

Films such as SharkWater aim to raise public awareness about the plight of these beautiful, but misunderstood, apex predators. The SharkWater documentary exposes the abuse in the shark-fin industry and the damage it is causing to our ocean’s ecosystems. It also uncovers government corruption supporting the industry.


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