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24, Jun, 2007

Suzuki DF300’s meet MY Scubafish

Posted in Dive Boats, Latest News by Mr. D

A Glimpse as the Suzuki DF300‘s meet MY Scubafish

The 1st Suzuki DF300 HP V6 Outboard’s in Thailand meet MY Scubafish, Koh Lanta’s Ultimate High-Speed Dive Cruiser.

Can you really, reduce impact on the environment, increase boat performance and ultimately save money on operation costs? All are important considerations when selecting new engines for the Ultimate High-Speed Dive Cruiser!

Suzuki DF300

After hours of internet research and talking to people in the know, I personally think so. This has become my Mission.

Lets get rid of those stinky, noisy, in-efficient 200 HP 2-stroke Yamaha’s, that were the pinnacle of outboard technology maybe ten years ago (and still are in Thailand!) and see what’s really available now..?

I will let you into a secret, outboard technology has raced forward during the last smelly, noisy and expensive 10 years – Welcome Suzuki – leaders in four-stroke outboard technology.

We are currently in negotiations with Suzuki and will hopefully receive the very first set of highly efficient, low emission’s Suzuki V6 DF300’s, into Thailand. They will be installed with fly-by-wire technology to our 43ft high speed dive cruiser ‘MY Scubafish’. The Shallow-V hull design combined with the big, efficient, high output Suzuki’s should also reduce journey times even more and produce a smoother ride with more comfort then ever before, putting us well ahead of the competition.

Scubafish’s concept is the answer to avoiding big-boat slow journey times or cramped ‘break your back’ uncomfortable speedboat rides.

Scubafish runs daily between Hin Deang & Hin Muang, carrying up 23 divers in total comfort. We’re hoping this will make Scubafish the Number One choice for divers in the south of Thailand. Now its just a waiting game, three months i’m told ;-> Sorry!!!

~Mr D

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